Good day and welcome to AngelCleaning, where we pride ourselves at simplifying transitions wherein things are made easy and hurdle-free. Settling into a new house is an exciting yet challenging task, and cleaning out old space or moving into new can be overwhelming; let us take care of the dirt and trouble in our superior Through our efforts, we strive to return to life of your real estate the shine receiving an entirely new look and a fresh beginning.

Planning involves coordination of equipment and personnel prior to exiting or entering a premise. With things like packing, unpacking and organizing taking mainly if not all your worries, cleanliness goes at the end of the list. Nevertheless, there is a need for in-depth cleaning which is not only relevant to impressing the next visitors but also due to the need for sanity. It may take some time for the dust, dirt, and grime to pile up in a space and a professional service provider can get rid of these substances so that the area ends up clean and sanitary.

Why Choose AngelCleaning:

Expertise: We have a reliable conglomerate of experts that are well trained to give exceptional results in the services of cleaning. We know that much is at stake with move out/in cleaning, and we have moved alongside the occupiers to ensure rough work isn’t done, industry-leading techniques and equipment are used to attain immaculate results.

Comprehensive Service: We have shade at each and every point- top to bottom, leaving no area of the estate overlooked. Our list of cleaning tasks is extensive, from the carpet removal and floor mopping followed by bathroom and kitchen scrubbing.

Customized Solutions: We are aware that every structure is unique, which is why we have structured our cleaning services to suit the client. Whether you’re leaving the studio apartment to occupy a bigger home, we have our expertise stored within us for adequate handling.

Attention to Detail: Our staff is diligent, and as such the attentiveness to detail comes as a second nature. We exceed to ensure that every origin is sparkling clean and debris-free from all corners. And since we work meticulously, we provide results that stun you.

Our Process:

Assessment: As a first step, we evaluate the total building area and its state of repair to establish the kind of work necessary.

Preparation: At the time our team arrives, we come well prepared to perform all the cleaning activities with all necessary tools and cleaning supplies.

Cleaning: We include the following amenities in our carefully developed checklist for our day-to-day routine, we pay close attention to high-touch surfaces and problem areas.

Inspection: After cleaning the area that we have carried out, we do a meticulous check to ensure nothing has been missed.

Completion: Last but not least, we give you a neat home free of debris and fit for its next owners.


Our company, AngelCleanings knows the significant of a tidy and clear home when there is incoming or outgoing move, we highly recommend rental cleaning at a cost-effective price to keep your dwelling spotless. Our move out/in clean service in Auckland is a premium class quality and we will surely deliver the best that you can think of. Get our work to handle the mess of relocating to your new location as we leave you with a smooth transition. Don’t hesitate and get in touch with us by calling our phone number to book your cleaning appointment – see for yourself how it is different.